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Delight your client by advertising their home on Facebook and all over the web

Tailor your ads to each listing

Just Listed

Do you have a listing about to go on the market? Schedule your ad to start running on just the right day.

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Have a listing about to hit the market?

Price Reduced

Have you just lowered the price on a listing? Get the word out and interest new potential buyers.

Price reduced

Have a listing with a just-reduced price?

Just Sold

Just sold a listing? Congrats! Let people know that your business is booming.

Just sold

Just sold a listing and want to let people know?

Older Listing

Have a listing that needs an extra boost? Show your client that you're working hard to sell their home!

Older listing

Have a listing that needs a boost?

Second Home

Have a listing you want to advertise to buyers in another city? We can help with that! Enter the cities you want to target with your ad.

Second home

Have a listing marketed as a second home?

Active Listing

Want to impress your client by advertising their home all over the web? Get set up in less than two minutes!

Active listing

Want to impress your client with online ads?

Your ads are finely tuned to reach the right people

Advertise on the entire Web

Your ads go where people spend their time online, including Facebook and hundreds of top websites

Target ads to the right locations

Geographically target people near the listing, or enter your own cities to target

Find people who are looking to
buy or sell real estate

Adwerx looks for people browsing real-estate related sites and shows them your ad — even once they've left those sites!

Exclusive offer for National Association of REALTORS® members

Get 15% bonus views on any newly created ad campaigns, plus any ad campaigns that renew! Simply enter your NAR membership ID number on the checkout page or your dashboard to apply your bonus views.

Already getting a discount through your broker? You can stack your broker discount and your NAR bonus views and enjoy both benefits!

This valuable offer is available to NAR members through NAR's REALTOR Benefits® Program. Learn more about the program here.

Automatic reports for your clients

Show your clients you're working hard to sell their home

Automatic reports

Simple Pricing

You decide how long to promote. Flexible packages allow you to tailor your ads to each listing.



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